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RovR Products, RollR Portable Wheeled Camping Cooler (45 qt.)

RovR Products, RollR Portable Wheeled Camping Cooler (45 qt.)



Material Other
Color Desert
Item Dimensions LxWxH 24 x 21 x 22 inches
Item Weight 10 Pounds
Chamber Depth 17.3 Inches
Capacity 45 Quarts
Duration 10 days


About this item

  • ★HIGH PERFORMANCE, PUNCTURE-RESISTANT TIRES! Our coolers ride on 9-inch all-terrain tires mounted on five-spoke aluminum hubs. They’re fast, agile, durable and awesome in sand.
  • ★UP TO 10 DAYS OF ICE! That’s what you get when you combine a rotomolded, elevated body with an airtight gasket and thick foam insulation.
  • ★LARGE CAPACITY: Without Deepfreeze dry bin installed: 60 cans and 10lbs. of ice. With Deepfreeze dry bin installed: 40 cans and 10 pounds of ice in main compartment and 4-6 bottles of spirits upright with meats, breads, fruits and veggies in dry compartments.
  • ★DRY STORAGE BIN INCLUDED: Deep Freeze removable Dry Bin with 2 compartments *BikR Kit sold separately *Table and Cupholder sold separately
  • ★Winner of the MEN’S JOURNAL 2018 GEAR OF THE YEAR Award for the most feature-packed cooler!
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Product Description

RovR RollR 45 Quart Wheeled Camping Cooler – with optional Bike Attachment isn’t just a cooler. It’s an all-terrain attacking, 45-quart carrying, gear-hauling beast of burden that can go anywhere you can. Accessories allow you to customize it for any outing, from the trail to a tailgate. All in a single, bear-proof package. Sorry bears.Now, you can get the complete RovR RollR 45 Quart Wheeled Camping Cooler – with optional Bike Attachment experience with the RovR BikR Edition. The RovR BikR Edition adds our tow arm, a magical device that easily connects your RovR RollR to your bike.


  1. Functionality – ease of use makes the great outdoors even greater.
  2. Durability – high-quality construction means it goes everywhere, every time.
  3. Versatility – no other cooler can go anywhere and do anything.


Product description

This cool little number is built with the same-patented design and features of the RollR 60 and 80 and is the perfect companion when space is limited. You’ll get the same superior cooling and organizational engineering as the bigger guys while keeping your space snatched. See? Big things do come in small packages.



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