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MEGAWARE ScuffBuster Boat Bow Guard, XL Solid-No Notch, 9″ X 8.75″, 3M Adhesive, Stainless Steel, 80637?

MEGAWARE ScuffBuster Boat Bow Guard, XL Solid-No Notch, 9″ X 8.75″, 3M Adhesive, Stainless Steel, 80637?


Protect Your Boat’s Gelcoat from Unsightly Roller and Trailer Scuffs
Made from Anti-Corrosive, Marine Grade 22-Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
Attaches Using the Highest Quality 3M Pressure Sensitive Adhesive
DIY Easy Application, Bend it to Conform to Your Boat Hull
Mirror Polished – A High Quality Finish that Lasts!

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Product Description
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Protect your boat’s gelcoat from roller and trailer scuffs with the Megaware ScuffBuster Bow Guard. The ScuffBuster easily bends to conform to your boat’s hull and attaches using 3M pressure-sensitive adhesives. This simple to install product is made from anti-corrosive, 22-gauge 304 stainless steel and has a mirror-polished finish for a custom look and long lasting shine.

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Protect Your Boat’s Gelcoat from Unsightly Marring Caused by Roller and Trailer Scuffs
Attaches Using The Highest Quality Materials And 3M Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives
Bend To Conform To Your Boat Hull and Create a Customized Look
Made From Anti-Corrosive, 22-Gauge 304 Stainless Steel
Mirror Polished Finish For Long Lasting Shine
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Standard Bow Guard Standard Bow Guard with Notch Bow Guard XL Bow Guard XL with Notch
Size 5.75″ x 4.5″ 5.75″ x 4.5″ 9″ x 8.75″ 9″ x 8.75″
3M Adhesive ? ? ? ?
22-Gauge Stainless Steel ? ? ? ?
Mirror Polished ? ? ? ?
1) Mark The Area
Mark the boat hull area where the front trailer roller or V-brace touches the boat hull.

2) Clean & Etch
Remove any fiberglass mold release agents, waxes or contaminants from the surface of the hull by cleaning it with Isopropyl Alcohol, Acetone, or Xylene. Do not use petroleum-based cleaners; they will leave a film and compromise the bond.

To enhance the bonding process, lightly etch the area with a mild scotch-brite pad or 320 grit sand paper followed by the above-mentioned cleaning.

3) Position & Bend
Leaving the protective liner on, position the ScuffBuster Bow Guard over the area you marked and carefully bend the ScuffBuster to fit the shape and curvature of the boat hull.

It is recommended to OVER bend it slightly, by hand, so it hugs the hull.

If your boat has strakes or chines that meet up to the center of the keel, you can use a rubber mallet to gently tap the material to form around the surface.

4) Remove Liner & Adhere
Being careful not to touch the adhesive with your hands, remove the liner from the adhesive.

Carefully place the ScuffBuster in position and apply firm pressure to activate the adhesive compounds.

A rubber mallet can be used to gently tap the material and provide a closer fit to the hull.

If desired, seal off moisture by applying a bead of 3M 5200 or similar adhesive around the outer edge of the ScuffBuster.

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The ScuffBuster Bow Guard works best on boats with a standard V-shaped bow.
It is NOT recommended on boats with hulls that have multiple curves, radical strakes and chines that protrude, or over rivets and reinforced welding. These hull designs are very difficult to conform the ScuffBuster to and will not allow the adhesive to adhere properly resulting in product failure.
Installation should NOT be performed when temperatures are below 60?F or above 100?F otherwise the adhesive may not bond properly with the boat hull and will result in adhesive failure. This is a recommendation from 3M.
When working or bending this product, ALWAYS WEAR GLOVES to prevent injury to yourself and others. This product can and will cut your skin if not handled properly.
The ScuffBuster is not designed to prevent damage in the event of a collision impact. This product is designed to prevent scuff marks, abrasions and minor damage from trailering.
Installation instructions provided in the package must be strictly followed as to not compromise the full bonding capabilities of the 3M adhesive.
megaware, trailer
A Commitment to Excellence in Product Development and Quality Standards
Megaware KeelGuard developed the industry?s first patented, do-it-yourself keel protector in 1992. As a family owned and operated business, Megaware continues to lead the industry in engineering, design and quality with their premier line of products – Keel Guard, Pontoon Guard, Skeg Guard, Skeg Pro, Scuff Buster, FlexStep Pro and BatteryGuard.

?Through commitment to excellence in product development, quality standards, technology and customer support, Megaware KeelGuard has grown rapidly and is recognized as a worldwide supplier for the smallest fishing boats to the largest coast guard fleets.

As new technologies emerge, Megaware will incorporate these advancements to further enhance its line of cutting edge, easy-to-use products. Don?t trust your investment to anything less.

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