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Fox Labs 152FTSDB Pepper Spray 1.5oz w/Flip Top Stream

Fox Labs 152FTSDB Pepper Spray 1.5oz w/Flip Top Stream


World famous FIVE POINT THREE formula. Fresh manufacture dates.

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Fox Labs Pepper Spray in the Stream Output Pattern Fox Labs OC (OC stands for oleoresin capsicum) is the best choice for pepper spray. The fog spray pattern is wider and makes it easier to hit your target in stressful encounter. The spray droplets are also “atomized” and smaller than the stream making intake into the respiration system and mucous membranes of the target little faster and quicker-acting. slight caveat is that if outdoors, some amount of the fog also is subject to the direction of the wind and you may get some “blowback” if the wind is against you. It may make you cough little but not nearly the effect as on your target. The stream spray is like water gun, pencil stream. It squirts lot of formula in more focused output. It may subject you to less blowback but also requires more accuracy to hit your target. Law Enforcement and security professionals tend to favor the stream pattern.

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