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Fortress Marine Anchors – Guardian G-7 (4 lbs Anchor / 17-22′ Boats)

Fortress Marine Anchors – Guardian G-7 (4 lbs Anchor / 17-22′ Boats)


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The Fortress Anchor Advantage: A hardened High-Tech, rustproof aluminum-magnesium alloy anchor.
For boats of 17-22? feet, Guardian G-7 Anchor has superior holding power at a fraction of the weight . Easily assembles and disassembles for convenient storage.
Highest rating in over 20 independent tests worldwide. Over 1 million+ people have joined the Fortress Marine Anchor family.
FORTRESS ANCHORS: offers a full One Year Part Replacement Warranty, and a product made in the USA.
FORTRESS ANCHORS: provides a product tested and used by the U.S Navy and U.S Coast Guard.

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Fortress Marine Anchors

Product Overview

Benefiting from years of Fortress Anchor Research and Development, Guardian offers excellent quality, performance and economy. Guardian is made from the same high tensile, corrosion resistant aluminum magnesium alloy and manufacturing precision as Fortress.

The use of slightly smaller extrusion profiles and the elimination of some of Fortress extra features, such as anodizing, adjustable fluke angles, and several machining steps has resulted in a very affordable alternative to those heavy, rust-prone steel anchors.

Product Warranty

Guardian Anchors offer a full One Year Part Replacement Warranty. In the unlikely event of damaging an anchor part, Fortress Marine Anchors will replace the damaged part for free, you only pay shipping and handling.

Guardian Anchor MODEL G-7

Boat Length: 17-22? Inches

Anchor Weight: 4 lb.

Replaces Steel Anchors 6-9 lb.

Guardian Anchor G-7 Holding Power

Working Load: 575 lb

Hard Sand Holding: 2,250 lb

Soft Mud Holding: 345 lb

Guardian Anchor G-7 Dimensions

Shank Length ?A?: 22? in

Fluke Length ?B?: 13? in

Stock Length ?C?: 18? in

Guardin Anchor G-7 Hardware

Proof Coil Chain: 3/16 ? in

Nylon Rope 3/8 ? in

Shackle Size: 3/16 ? in

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