Complete Filter Kit with 300 GPH Pump

Complete Filter Kit with 300 GPH Pump

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Size: Height : 6.22, Width : 12.36, Depth : 6.97

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== The Complete Filter Kit with Pump is ideal for protecting the pump from debris, promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria, and circulating water in small ponds approximately 3 x 6 x 1.5 ft. in size.

== The all-in-one kit includes an energy-efficient 330 GPH pump, a filter box with a sloped lid, a coarse filter, a fine filter, bio-balls, a 3-tier fountain nozzle, a diverter valve, 2 extension tubes, an adaptor, and a coupler.

== The 330 GPH pump helps circulate water in ponds up to 500 gallons.

== The sloped lid of the filter box allow large debris to roll off rather than settle on top.

== The coarse black filter catches large debris, while the fine blue filter catches small debris.

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  1. Previtali

    Excellent product.

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