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Block Glendel 3D Buck Glendel Buck

Block Glendel 3D Buck Glendel Buck


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The GlenDel Buck is still a big buck. It’s the body size of a 200 lb live weight deer and offers five times the core shooting surface. Be prepared for a big buck by practicing on a big buck. GlenDel 3-D archery targets are big. This prepares you for when that monster buck steps into your shootingland. It also allows for Glendel’s legendary, oversized, 4-sided cores that have far more shooting surfance than the competition. Shouldher height: Stands 34″ at the shoulders. Core Size: 11 inch x 11 inch x 11 inch. Core Surface: 5x more than other 3-D Cores.

  • Shoulder height: Stands 34″ at the shoulders
  • Core Size: 11 inch X 11 inch X 11 inch
  • Core Surface: 5X more than other 3-D Cores
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